SAMA, the Society of American Mosaic Artists 

U.S. - based organization sponsors an annual conference and exhibition. 

AIMC, the International Association of Contemporary Mosaicists

Based in Ravenna, Italy, sponsors biennial conferences around the world.

MAANZ, Mosaic Association of Australia and New Zealand

Organization devoted to promoting mosaic art "down under." 

Handmade Tile Association

Organzation of tile makers, ceramic sculptors, historians and related professionals.

Tile Heritage Foundation

  Dedicated to promoting appreciation of high-quality, ceramic surfaces, both contemporary and historic.

Mosaic Art Now

  Home base for the magazine, print exhibition, yearbook cd, blog and much more.

Henrique Gougon
  Site features this artist's work plus info about mosaics in Brazil. (Portuguese)

British Association for Modern Mosaic
  Very active association for all those interested in contemporary mosaic.

Riverson Fine Mosaics
  Gallery of Joe Moorman's paintings, drawings, sculpture and mosaisc.

Artigianando (artisanry)
  Italian site features masks, restoration, raku, glass, inlay, weaving, mosaics.

Diamond Images
Multi-media artist working in holography, photography and digital magic.

Faducci Home, Garden and Public Art
  Whimsical mosaic animals and botanical sculptures

Mosaic Art Supply
  Full-range supplier, run by artist, Joe Moorman.

Brooks Tower

Pietra dure (stone inlay) artwork by Brooks Tower.

Karen Dimit 

Karen Dimit creates both stone sculpture and mosaics in her Long Island City studio.

The Painter's Keys Community                                                                                                                                      Painter/teacher/author Robert Genn's collection of lessons and links.

Brett Campbell Mosaics
  Australian mosaic supply company.

Mosaic art by Floridian, Melissa Haist.  

Mosaic Matters Newsletter
  Online magazine covers technique, workshops, exhibits. Links galore.

British Association for Modern Mosaic
  Very active group, uniting mosaicists from around the world.

Oz Mosaics

Artwork, instruction and supplies by Austrailian mosaicist, Sandy Robertson.

Wits End Mosaics
  Distributor of mosaic materials and tools. Kim Wozniak, proprietor.

Traditional Building and Period Homes
  Both magazines feature artists and craftspeople among sources.

Orsoni Mosaici
  Traditional manufacturer of smalti and golds in Venice. Varied workshop schedule.                                                                                                                                                                                        

Sonia King
      Former prez of SAMA, mosaicist, teacher, author & dear friend.

  Distributor of mosaic tesserae and tools

Laticrete International
  Source of professional-grade installation materials

Tile Creator
  Andrew Simmon's mosaic software can convert any image into a mosaic design

Twin Dolphin Mosaics
  Stephanie Jurs and Robert Stout are American mosaicists living in Ravenna, Italy

Classical Mosaics

 Classically-based artwork; site includes detailed tutorials.

Glenn Romanis 

Designer-fabricator of public art in stone, wood and mosaics.

Mosaici Dona
  Manufacturer of smalti in Murano, Italy.  

Helen Bodycomb

Classic and contemporary artwork by Australian mosaicist.


Mosaic artwork by Dominic Johns, based in Cairns, Australia.

Lynne Chinn Mosaics

Extraordinarily imaginative mosaicist.

Designs by Reptile
  Ralph Young's studio -shattered-tile mosaics for resorts and pools.

Nall Hollis
  Watercolorist/mosaicist Nall Hollis

  Mosaic school in Montpellier, France. Staffed by friends of generous spirit, Jean Destrade - sadly deceased.

BARK magazine
  Canine fanciers' delight, featuring fine artwork and high-level writing about dogs.

Jonathan Hunter Mosaic Design
  Studio mosaicist working in Edinburgh, Scotland. Emphasis on geometric designs.

Institute of Mosaic Art
  Oakland California school, started by Laurel True. 50+ mosaic-related courses.

  Italian manufacturer of vitreous glass and related products.

  Kim Wozniak imports/distributes byzantine glass smalti & golds from Mexico.

Mosaic Atlas
  Find mosaics around the world and contribute your own pics . 

Mosaic and Light 

Elegant and luscious mosaic light columns by Dieter Geike.

8888 Artlook

Promotional site for artists in all media that allows you to record your message on a toll-free number.

Annette Coleman

Multi-media artist whose layered work in wax, pigments and photography is largely based on archetypes and dream imagery.

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