I would MUCH prefer to ship the crated mosaics to FWB now, as they take up much too much room in my studio and are too vulnerable to be stored anywhere else on my property. The risk of damage if we are impacted by a hurricane is one that cannot be ignored. Moreover, they are not covered by homeowner’s insurance.

The most practical solution I can think of is to ship them (insured, of course) to the bank where the crate(s) can be placed in a secure place inside the building and the contractor requested to build a strong box (3/4” inch plywood and 2x4’s) around the crate(s) to further provide protection against a possible catastrophic impact. This way they will be both insured and secured far better than here.


Does bank have forklift or palette jack, or do I need to include (approx $80) for freight company to bring inside?

Who is contact person? Phone number?

What are hours during which site is manned?

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