Bisazza Glass Mosaic SPECIFICATIONS

Bisazza Glass Mosaic SPECIFICATIONS

This specification covers installation of Bisazza Glass Mosaic tile work in Interior & exterior areas on Floors, Walls & Ceilings  including Swimming Pools, Fountains, Showers and Facades.

Note to Specifier:

Glass Mosaic tiles and tile installation adhesives and grouting mortars do not constitute a waterproof barrier.   Detail and specify Laticrete 9235 thin, load bearing waterproof membrane in all wet areas that are above occupied spaces.  Detail and  specify Laticrete 9235 Anti-Fracture / Crack Suppression membrane over existing hairline cracks in subsurface. Laticrete latex thin set adhesive mortars may be used to install tiles over "green" or fresh concrete, screed, plaster & render surfaces. A Laticrete "System" approach to installation is covered by a comprehensive 5 year warrantee.


All tile, where called for, shall be: ...(Insert style, size, color of specified Bisazza Glass Mosaic Tile) .... as supplied by Renato Bisazza, Inc. 8530 NW 30th Terrace,Miami, FL 33122, Telephone: 305-597-4099  , Fax: 305-597-9844, Email: or, 

Internet:  Materials for setting & grouting tile shall be Laticrete 4237 Latex Thin Set Additive mixed with Laticrete sanded or unsanded grout.  Color to be selected from Laticrete Grout color chart.  Anti-Fracture / Waterproof membrane shall be Laticrete 9235 waterproof membrane.  All waterproofing, anti-fracture, tile installation and grouting materials shall be as supplied by Laticrete International, Bethany, CT USA. Telephone: 1 (800) 243-4788 or (203) 393-0010, Fax: (203) 393-1684.  E-mail:; Internet:


Prior to commencing the installation, the contractor shall examine the areas to be covered and advise the General Contractor and Architect of any existing conditions or surface contamination which will require correction before the work commences. Before starting, surface to be covered shall be cleaned to remove curing compounds, sealers, soil, mortar, etc.  Curing compounds or sealers shall be removed by "bead-blasting,"  grit / sand blasting or mechanical "scarifying."  After removal of the curing compounds or sealers all rough, uneven or "out-of-plumb" surfaces shall be made "plumb & true" to within 1/8" in 10' using a Laticrete 3701 / 226 leveling / topping mortar.  Dry or dusty concrete or masonry surfaces shall be wet down or washed and excess water removed just prior to the application of the leveling mortar, render, screed or Glass Mosaic Tile adhesive.


Existing  joints in subsurface must be carried through tile work and shall conform to architectural details. Expansion joints shall be installed where tile abuts restraining surfaces, such as perimeter walls, curbs, columns, corners, etc.  Expansion joints shall be installed at all "changes of plane" in the tile work. 


Waterproof membrane is installed before tile is installed in all wet areas that are above occupied or enclosed areas. Anti-Fracture membrane is installed before tile is installed over all hairline cracks in surfaces to receive new tile work


Mix according to printed product instructions included with each product package.  Mix only long enough to wet out the batch. Do not over-mix. 


The LATICRETE adhesive shall be prepared by mixing Laticrete 4237 Latex Admix with Laticrete sanded grout, color to be selected from Laticrete color grout chart, and shall be applied to the surface to be tiled with a notched trowel using a scraping motion to work the adhesive into good contact with the surface to be covered.   A trowel having "V" notches approximately  3/16" x 3/16" is recommended.  In addition the colored adhesive shall be troweled onto the backside of each sheet of Glass Mosaic tiles with the flat side of the trowel immediately before placement of the sheet into the freshly troweled adhesive on the 

surface to receive the tile work.  Only as much Adhesive shall be applied as can be covered within 10-15 minutes, or while the adhesive surface is still wet and tacky.   Tile shall then be set in place and rapped or beaten gently with a grouting float to insure 100% full bedding and a true surface.  Tile shall be aligned to show uniform joints and then allowed to set until firm, approximately 20 to 40 minutes.  The face of the sheets of front mounted glass mosaic tiles shall then be dampened and the face mount paper removed.  Excess adhesive must be cleaned from the surface of the Tile with a wet cloth or sponge while the adhesive is fresh. 


 Touch up grouting of the tile work can be accomplished once the installation mortar has become firm and the face mounted sheets of paper have been removed. Joints shall be grouted with Laticrete Grout, color to be the same as used for setting, fortified with Laticrete 1776 Grout Admix Plus. Joints shall be packed full and free of all voids and pits. Excess grout shall be cleaned from the surface as the work progresses, while grout is fresh and before it hardens. The  day after installation grout film or haze shall be removed using  a  detergent solution. No acids should be used for cleaning glass mosaic tile work.


The contractor shall take precautions to protect the finished work from damage by other  trades.  Do not allow construction traffic on fresh grout joints.  Allow the grout to cure for a minimum of 7 days before aggressive or steam cleaning.

Cold  Weather Note: The curing of tile installation mortars, adhesives & grouts is retarded by low temperatures and  finished work should be protected for an extended period of time.

Wet Area Note: Allow tile work in wet areas such as swimming pools, fountains & showers to cure for 10 days before exposing to immersion.

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